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ISBN: 9781425161972,


Joseph Augustine Anthony Silmon-Monerri, BA(Hons), MCIL, Dip.Coimbra, Dip.RSA **1937-2016**


All or most of Mr Silmon-Monerri's book projects are long-term academic/reference/textbook material. Universities, libraries and colleges may benefit from the variety of topics available in publications by the Author. However, most topics covered are equally attractive to general readers.


The Series Title for Volumes 1 to 3 is: SECRETS OF THE ST. MAURS


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Biography/ Genealogy/ Military History/ World Travel: A Secret Son - Was Mohamed, his 'servant', the Earl St. Maur's eldest offspring?


Mohamed's grandson investigates.


Genealogy/Military & Medieval History & Heraldry, World Travel

The Origins of the Seymours in pre-Conquest France and Britain


Work-in-Progress. Generously illustrated.

Genealogy/History: Mohamed, Sarah and Families.

About the Author's Grandparents, and their ensuing branches.


Work-in-Progress. Generously illustrated. Will be published mainly for the Author's family & friends.

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THE EARLIER BOOK: Copies of the Author's first book, The Secret Life of the Earl St. Maur (1835-1869) -- Was He My Great-Grandfather? ISBN: 9781425161972 (728-page generously illustrated paperback) are held at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester (UK)), Deansgate branch, and at Manchester Central Library. However, this book is now out-of-print. The current volumes 1-3 take its place. The above is now a rare book.




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Volume 3 of the St. Maur series -- mainly for close family and friends -- will follow eventually. Readers of the first two volumes are not expected to take an interest in volume 3, as it is all about Mohamed and his subsequent large family. The book was originally designed for A4-size. That has now changed to Letter-size, the maximum standard size at CreateSpace. There are now 542 pages, due to recent book-designers' re-workings. The word count remained unaffected, and is still some 245,000 words, with 67 full-plate graphics, about 35 in colour. Sorry for the additional delays, while experts sorted the file problems out. There is a further slight delay while the possibility of a full-colour Kindle version is explored.


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Vol.1 A Secret Son

[strapline: Was Mohamed, his 'servant', the Earl St. Maur's eldest offspring?]

Mohamed's grandson investigates.


This is an encyclopaedic biography of Lord Edward Adolphus Ferdinand St. Maur (1835-1869); a consummate warrior earl and gentleman adventurer of his day. The eldest son and heir to the Twelfth Duke of Somerset [House of Seymour] and of Jane Georgiana Sheridan, he preferred soldiering and world travel to a sedentary life of ducal and parliamentary duties at home. He fought heroically as a volunteer soldier in Persia, India and Italy, alongside leading mid-19th century generals, earning mentions in Despatches.


Rejected by two titled ladies, he sought comfort in a relationship with a teenage gipsy kitchen-maid-turned-Lady - Rosina Swan - who bore him two illegitimate children, in Morocco and Britain. A possible first child born of an earlier relationship in Tangier, was the Author's grandfather, Mohamed. Ruth, the first-born to the Earl and Rosina in Tangier, became a leading Suffragiist. At Brownsea Castle, she recounted her parents' romantic escapade to socialist friends (the Pankhursts, the Webbs, Kier Hardie and George Bernard Shaw). Her story became Shaw's Pygmaleon and several film versions of 'My Fair Lady'. Ruth and her younger brother Richard Harold, "Harold", were allowed to use the surname St. Maur. Mohamed, being of mixed race, was not, but was well cared for by the Duke and Duchess and family after the Earl died in late 1869. The book contains a chapter each on Ruth, Harold and Mohamed, and seeks to establish by DNA, that Mohamed was their half-sibling, the Earl's eldest son. This process has now taken place, courtesy of Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, USA. Suitable St. Maur donors were found in August 2014. They were direct descendants of the last living St. Maur male, a great-grandson of the Earl St. Maur, who was also his exact namesake.


However, despite the successes obtained with King Richard III's body, discovered in a Leicestershire car park, DNA isn't always a straightforward process. After many months of waiting for the results, which we hoped could be published in the last chapter of "A Secret Son", the DNA centi-Morgan count proved insufficient --- within the processes used in this still early stage in the history of Genetics --- to prove 100% consanguinity. That said: the experts at FTDNA said: "you still could be related" -- which does not rule out the possibility altogether. But a more potent method is needed at the earliest possible opportunity. The St. Maurs tested along with the author and a cousin, were not shown to have any other St. Maurs or Seymours as matches, either. Yet, they are genuinely descendants of the same Earl St. Maur, via another illegitimate, but officially recognised, line, covered in several books.


The only option left open now, would be to exhume the Earl St. Maur's body --- not something the Author is comfortable with. Only if public pressure were brought to bear, by say, the Media, would Joe Silmon-Monerri agree to request such a procedure, subject to the approval of the Nineteenth Duke of Somerset, on whose lands the body lies.


Meanwhile, Appendix "A", at the end of A Secret Son, contains several examples outlining certain family resemblances between some St. Maurs and Silmons, that are too striking to be coincidental.



***A SECRET SON -- Black & White paperback only, now available from the Printers direct online, through CreateSpace/Amazon in the USA. Colour & Kindle format

details shortly. Apologies for the long delays;due to printing and publishing anomalies, now almost resolved.

Vol. 2 The Origins of the Seymours in pre- and post-Conquest France and Britain

The Author solves a ten-century old aristocratic surname controversy for all time.


The St. Maurs and the Seymours, despite any etymological logic, realised for centuries that they were not related. Yet ancient, inattentive heralds and genealogists bunched them all together as one BIG family - The "Seymours".


The Earl St. Maur (see Vol. 1) was really a 'Seymour' descended from Sir Edward Seymour, the Tudor Queen Jane Seymour's brother, First Duke of Somerset - The Protector Somerset. The first real St. Maur was a Norman, who arrived as a companion knight of the Duke of Normandy at Pevensey and Hastings in 1066. He was Wido de St. Maur.


The Author proves with documentary evidence from French and British sources, why there is no way that the above two significant dynasties can be related. He also proves that a third dynasty ('Ste. Maure') - which was placed at the top of the 'Seymour' pedigree by two historians/genealogists, using flawed material, is related to neither of the above dynasties. Silmon-Monerri also explains why these ducal Seymours became 'St. Maurs' as a result of a mistake by the Eleventh Duke of Somerset, the Earl's grandfather.




Vol. 3. Mohamed , Sarah and Families.


This volume could be regarded as not being part of the same series, although the evolution of these families could not have occurred without the direct intervention of the Earl St. Maur and his erotic peccadilloes. The fact that he brought Mohamed to Britain in 1868, was significant. He had been instrumental in his upbringing, in the boy's future employment through relatives and friends. This suggests that Mohamed (later William) was not necessarily a mere 'servant'. Eventually, prior to St. Maur's early death in September 1869, St. Maur had given instructions to the Duke and Duchess of Somerset to look after Mohamed, as well as Rosina Swan, the mother of the two recognised illegitimate offspring, and, of course, the children themselves. The Duchess signed the cheques that arrived regularly for Mohamed until she passed away in 1884. After that, Mohamed's allowance for life was possibly signed by Ruth Cavendish-Bentinck (née St. Maur - Mohamed's possible half-sister). If Mohamed, too, was one of the Earl's offspring, albeit disinherited in another sense, because, being of mixed race, he could not pass for a St. Maur, then he was the first of the three. He was born of a Moroccan mother - Fatima Miftzah - in Tetouan in approximately 1855-56, at the time that the Earl passed through Tangier on his way to the Persian War.


Was there an Islamic marriage? Did they marry at all? Mohamed was of mixed race. His mother being a Moroccan, his father must have been white. Symbolism in the little portrait of Mohamed as a boy (see cover of volume 1) points at 'brown mother', 'white father'. In other words, everything points at the man who brought him to England being his natural father. That man, as Mohamed's naturalisation dossier shows, was none other than the Earl St. Maur, the subject of volume 1, a proven fact!


Notwithstanding the possible element of doubt on this theme, as volume 3 only mentions the Earl and the Duke and Duchess of Somerset and their family in passing, and concentrates on Mohamed (William), his wife, the widow Sarah Jane Pisolo (née Monaghan Serrano), of Irish descent, and all the families that ensued through the decades, it is probable that this volume will be of more interest to the Author's family and friends than to the general reader. With some 150 largely family graphic plates, it would also probably appeal to families named: Beaton [de Bethune]Chapman, Conesa, Fajardo, Faxardo, Fuentes, García, García Garro de Cáceres, Haddock, McBeth, Miftzah, Monaghan, Monerri, Montemayor y Conesa, Pasola, Pisolo, Pizola, Silmon, Silmon de Monerri, Weld Silmon and/or De Weld Silmon. It is most important to point out at this juncture, that ancient familes such as SILMON and the very well-known Roman Catholic WELD family, are in no way related to the family fathered by Mohamed, above. The reason behind this statement is, that 'WELD' and 'SILMON', in Mohamed's case, are just anglicised corruptions of William Osman de WELD SILMON's original Arabic surname: U'LED SILIMANE (which meant 'son of' or 'begat by' SILIMANE' (the latter itself being a different pronunciation of 'SULEIMAN', which, to an English ear, would sound like 'SLEEMAN').

  • Military adventure and intrigue.
  • Medieval French and British History.
  • 19th-century 007-style backpacking, hot- air- balloon-borne Earl.
  • World travel
  • International Genealogy & Heraldry.
  • Illicit romantic affairs and illegitimate offspring
  • 90 years of JAZZ in Manchester, UK.
  • Knights of the Norman Conquest and Knights Templars (de St. Maur, de Sancto Mauro)

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